American Crime Statistics

American Crime Statistics          

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Compilations of crime related statistics put together by the Department of Justice. Searchable by crime type i.e. violent crime, hate crimes, property crimes etc.

Federal Stats

FedStats provides all official statistical information produced by the Federal Government without having to know in advance which Federal agency produces which particular statistic. Topics covered include economic and population trends, crime, education, health care, aviation safety, energy use, farm production among others.

International Crime: Data

United Nations office on Drugs and Crime database, covering topics such as arms, drugs, and human trafficking, cybercrime, maritime crime, and corruption.


National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) archives and disseminates data on crime and justice for secondary analysis. Contains data from over 2,600 curated studies or statistical data series. Draws from notable datasets, including the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), and the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods (PHDCN).


National Criminal Justice Reference Service, provides data and research for policy and analysis. Covers a variety of topics including, drugs, crime, crime prevention, law enforcement, and the juvenile system.

Resources for Criminal Justice

List of schools, programs, degrees, and careers for anyone interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice.

Sourcebook for Criminal Justice Stats

Albany University sponsored compilation of Criminal Justice Data covering topics such as arrests and seizures, crime victims, sentencing and appeals.