Courses Taught by Dr. John Quinn
Truman State University

Example list of classes taught and example syllabi (they may not be up to date):

Intro Methodology Comparative Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa International Political Economy Senior Seminar

POL 171: Introduction to Political Science

Offered every semester (by different professors).  Fulfills Social Perspectives and Intercultural Interconnecting Perspectives course for the Dialogues.
Sample Syllabus Fall 2000

POL 300: Political Science Methodology  

Offered twice/three times a year.  Should be taken by end of Sophomore year.  Examines the basics approaches and tools of empirical political science.  Students write a research paper as well as master their key terms and concepts.
Sample Syllabus Spring 2002

POL 310: Comparative Politics: Theory and Research

Offered every semester.  Mine every Spring.  Fulfills requirement for majors. Emphasizes chronology or recent field,
emergence of capitalism, development, and democratization.
Sample Syllabus Spring 200


POL 355: Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa                                                                                        

Offered every other year.  Examines the history of the political and economic systems of sub-Saharan Africa from early contact with Europeans up to present.  Emphasized regional trends and political economy of continent.
Sample Syllabus Fall 2001

POL 352: International Political Economy

Offered every other year.  Overviews basics of the rise and functions of international market.
Sample Syllabus Fall 1999

POL 460: Capstone: Senior Seminar in Political Science and International Relations

Offered every semester.  Capstone class for Political Science.  I teach it every other year.  Usually team taught.
Sample Syllabus Spring 2002