Survey and Opinion Polling

Survey and Opinion Polling                                                                                                                     


AFRO-barometer                     Measures social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa.  Survey studies of
                                                 over 12 countries.

American Research Group, Inc.    Polls on recent elections  Based in New Hampshire.  Has Tracking polls

Gallup Organization                      Website including news and statistics on domestic and international issues.

General Social Survery (GSS)         Opinion questions on a wide variety of topics for American public opinion. 
                                                         Individual level data are available. 


Marist College Institute for Public Opinion        what is sounds like      

Polling                         Cite for recent polls of interest.  Self described as "An independent, nonpartisan
                                                        resource on trends in American public opinion.

RasmussenReports                            Source of tracking opinion on many topics, including primaries 
                                                        (it might lean right)

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research  Housed out of the University of Connecticut, the Roper Center includes
                    links to in depth data resources and archived articles.

Survey Sources and Polling Data        Many interesting and useful surveys, research, internet research, and
                                                            political links (from Cal Tech)

World Value's Survey                       Measure World Opinions and 

Zogby                                              Has current polls on recent elections.  Often very accurate.