Political Science Organizations

Political Science Organizations & Think Tanks                                                                                  

African Studies Association

The African Studies Association (ASA) was founded in 1957 as a nonprofit organization open to all individuals and institutions interested in African affairs.

American Enterprise Institution

A conservative leaning research center focusing on important public policy areas like healthcare, defense, education, and poverty studies.


American Political Science Association

Brookings Institution

A non-partisan, centrist policy research center. Highly regarded with areas of research across the Political Science spectrum,

The Carter Center

Research foundation established by former US President Jimmy Carter with a strong emphasis on peace studies and health programs.

Economic Policy Institute

Research center with heavy emphasis on research related to middle and working class citizens and policies that could benefit those groups.

Foreign Policy In Focus

Political think tank with information and resources covering current foreign policy issues like conflict, drugs and arms trafficking, agriculture, energy & the environment, as well as human rights and democracy.


International Political Science Association


Midwest Political Science Association