News Links

Major Domestic and International Sources of News and Information

Domestic                        International                     African                    Radio/TV


Major Domestic Newspapers (with international Links)

Christian Science Monitor              Domestic and International news coverage and commentary 

Los Angeles Times                        Top West Coast Paper — good for the Asian rim

New York Times                          Paper of record for domestic and international events

Salon                                             Political Science information and commentary.

Washington Post                             Today's newspaper online and database of recent issues; coverage specializing
                                                       on US politics.


International News Sources (General)

BBC New Service                        World News in English (British Broadcasting Corporation)

The Economist                              International news coverage with emphasis on international trade and business

Financial Times                                British Paper, very good for business, International Politics and IPE

Le Monde                                      French daily international and domestic news (in French)                        

Le Monde Diplomatique              Special section of Le Monde covering matters of politics and diplomacy (in


African News Sources                                                                                                                        

Africa South of the Sahara          Selected internet resources, breaking news, topics, and regional information.

BBC News-Africa                        International News in both print and radio 

Jeune Afrique                                  French news coverage of current events and issues (in French)

New Congo Net                        Marek on line for Africa, but especially the Democratic Republic of the Congo
                                                                                                                     ( DRC)

New York Times: Africa          News coverage of current events throughout Africa.

Pan African News/All Africa News  All Africa Global Media is the leading provider of African news and 
                                                     information worldwide, through news feeds to institutional and agency clients and
                                                     through We post more than 500 new stories daily from over 80
                                                     African media organizations and from our own award-winning reporters.

Your Dot Com for Africa              Internet weekly covering African News and Issues (Used to be Marek)
                                                    Covers DRC and central Africa well



Radio /TV Broadcasts on the Web

BBC Radio                                  Online version of BBC World including text of recent features and good regional

National Public Radio                  Online version of recent domestic and international issues and news from NPR.

Public Broadcasting System          Website focusing on PBS features with a link to the news hour.