Curriculum Vitae

Dr. John James Quinn
Truman State University
Department of Political Science
660-785-4578 (office)
660-785-4337 (fax)


  • Professor – Fall 2009 to present. 
    • Truman State University – Department of Political Science
    • Courses – African Politics/ African International Relations/ Comparative Politics/ Research Methodology/ International Political Economy/ Capstone Senior Seminar/ Introduction to Political Science/ Introduction to International Relations/ War, Politics, and Literature, and Africana Studies.
  • Associate Professor – Spring 2001 to present.
    • Truman State University – Department of Political Science.  
    • Courses – African Politics/ Comparative Politics/ Research Methodology/ International Political Economy/ Capstone Senior Seminar/ Introduction to Political Science/ Introduction to International Relations/ African International Relations
  • Visiting Professor – Fall 2001.
  • Assistant Professor – Fall 1996 to Spring 2001.  
    • Truman State University.  Department of Political Science. 
    • Courses – African Politics/  Research Methodology/ Comparative Politics/ International Political Economy / Intro to Political Science/ Capstone Senior Seminar.  
  • Lecturer.  University of California, Los Angeles.   Department of Political Science. "The Political Economy of African Development."  Spring Quarter 1996.
  • Lecturer.  University of California, Los Angeles.   Department of Political Science.  "Ideology, Development, and Mining in Southern Africa."  Spring Quarter 1995. 
  • Teaching Assistant/ Assocaite UCLA. Department of Poltiical Science: Comparative Politics, Ideology and Development, Public Policy, and Constitutional Law.  Fall 1990 – Spring 1993.

EDUCATION                                                                                         TOP

Ph.D.     University of California, Los Angeles     March 1995.           Political Science.

C. Phil.  University of California, Los Angeles         June 1992.              Political Science.

M.A.      University of California, Los Angeles        December 1990      Political Science:
                                                                                                                   Comparative Politics/
                                                                                                                   International Relations/
                                                                                                                   Quantitative Methods

B.A.        St. Vincent College.                                   May 1983.               English/Education
                                                                                                                     – Honors
B.A.        St. Vincent College.                                   August 1981.           History – Honors.

PUBLICATIONS                                                                                      TOP

Global Geopolitical Power and African Political and Economic Institutions: 
       When Elephants Fight. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2016. 

The Road oft Traveled: Development Policies and Majority State Ownership of Industry
        in Africa
Westport, CT: Praeger, 2002.

Articles, Book Chapters, and other Contributions:

“The Nexus of the Domestic and Regional within an International Context: The Rwandan
       Genocide and Mobutu’s Ouster.” In Amy L. Freedman (ed.) Threatening the State:
        the Internationalization of Internal Conflicts
, (Oxford: Routledge, 2014): 39-74.
"International Studies Minor in Practice: Program Offerings and Student Choices.”With
       Marijke Breuning.  Journal of Political Science Education 7, 2 (2011): 173-195.
“Principal-Agent Theory," in John Ishiyama and Marijke Breuning (eds.) 21st Century
Political Science: A Reference Handbook.  Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications,
"African Foreign Policies" In Robert Denemark et. al., eds. in The International Studies
       Encyclopedia   / The International Studies Compendium Project. Oxford:
       Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.
"When You Cannot Find the Perfect Match: Using the Accumulated Most Similar Design
       Case Study.” Journal of Political Science Education 5, 3 (July-September 2009):
"The Effects of Majority State Ownership of Significant Economic Sectors on
       Corruption: A Cross-Regional Comparison
"  In International Interactions.  34, 1
       ( 2008): 81-128.
“A Survey of Capstone Courses in Political Science” With John Ishiyama, Paul Parker,
       and Candice Young. Academic Exchange Quarterly.  11, 4 (Winter 2007): 3820-7z.
"Plus ça change, . . . : The Allocation of French ODA to Africa During and After the
       Cold War
.” With David J. Simon. International Interactions 32, 3 (July/
       September 2006): 295-318.
Phoenix from the Ashes: The Formerly Dominant Parties In New Democracies in
” With John Ishiyama. Party Politics 12, 3 (June 2006): 317 – 333.
"Diffusion and Escalation in the Great Lakes Region: The Rwandan Genocide,
       the Rebellion in Zaire, and Mobutu’s Overthrow" in Ethnic Conflict and
       International Politics: Explaining Diffusion and Escalation
. Steven E. Lobell and
      Philip Mauceri, eds.. Palgrave, 2004: 111-132.
“Democracy and Development in Africa,” in African Economic Development, Emmanuel
       Nnadozie Ed., New York: Academic Press, 2003: 231-258.
W(h)ither the African State (System)?” International Politics 38, 3 (September 2001):
“Economic Accountability: Are Constraints on Economic Decision Making a Blessing or
       a Curse?” Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives and Area Studies 19, 4
       (December 2000): 131-169.
“The Managerial Bourgeoisie: Capital Accumulation, Development and Democracy,” in
       Postimperialism and World Politics, Richard L. Sklar and David Becker eds.,
      Westport, CT: Praeger, 1999: 219-252.
"The Impact of State Ownership of Resources on Economic and Political Development in
       Sub-Saharan Africa."  Ufahamu  Vol. XXI, No 1and 2 (Winter/Spring 1993): 60-79.

Book Reviews and Forwards:
Democracy and Elections in Africa by Staffan I. Lindberg. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins
       University Press, 2006.Review for Taiwan Journal of Democracy. 2, 2 (December
       2006): 183-188.
“Forward.” in The Development of Free Trade in the 1990s and The New Rhetoric of
. By Seymour Patterson.  Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press,
       2006:  i – v.
Multi-party Elections in Africa by Michael Cowen and Liisa Laakso, editors. New York:
       Palgrave, 2002. Review for African Studies Review. 48, 2 (2005): 193-195.
The international politics of East Africa by Robert Pinkney. New York: Manchester
       University Press, 2001.Review for International Politics. 40, 3 (September 2003).
States and Power in Africa: Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control by Jeffrey
       Herbst.Princeton University Press, 2000. Comparative Political Studies 34, 2
       (March 2001): 219-221.



"State-ownership of Productive Resources and its Economic Consequences in Sub-Saharan
       Africa."  Department of Political Science, UCLA.  Directed by Michael F. Lofchie,
       Richard L. Sklar, and William H. Worger.



ODA, Hierarchy, War, and Conflict: Do Spheres of Influence Matter?
Ethiopian Foreign Policy: Meles and Beyond, with John Ishiyama, and Marijke Breuning


Interim McNair Research Coordinator  July 1, 2015 – July 14, 2017. Oversaw INDV 360 and INDV 460
     research projects, taught methodology workshop, coordinated with students and research
     supervisors, Editor for McNair Scholarly Review, and cotaught INDV 400 which helps students
       prepare for grad school.

Interim McNair Research Coordinator  May 2004 through August 2005. Oversaw both
     Pre-SRI and SRI student research projects, taught methodology section, handled
     logistical/ administrative problems, editor for
McNair Scholarly Review.
Coordinator for Missouri Abroad: Ghana Program.  August – December 2001. 
     Supervised eight Missouri students on campus of University of Ghana-Legon.
Interim McNair Research Coordinator.  McNair Program.  May 6 – July 30, 1999.
     Oversaw both Pre-SRI and SRI student research projects, taught methodology
     section, handled logistical/ administrative problems.
Project Coordinator for seminar "African Development Reconsidered."  Hosted by
     James S. Coleman African Studies Center, UCLA and the World Bank. April 1994
     through June 1994.  Booked flights, made itineraries, taped sessions, and
     coordinated nearly all aspects of conference.
Research Assistant for Barbara Geddes. Research on African political
     regimes. Political Science, UCLA. June to August 1995.
Research Assistant on UCLA/USDA Database Project headed by Michael F. Lofchie.
     African Studies Center, UCLA. June 1988 to September 1990.
Instructor of English as a Second Language. Long Beach City College.
     Long Beach, CA. Fall 1987 through Summer 1996. Composition, grammar,
     and conversation at all levels.
Regional Representative for Haut-Zaire, Peace Corps, Zaire.  Supervised 26 volunteers and
     four employees, ran regional office, made site checks and reports to capital.  August
     1985 to August 1986.
Peace Corps, Zaire: High School English Teacher. Grades 9-12.  École Secondaire de
       Wamba (1983-86).


External Peer Reviewer for United Nation Commission for Africa’s Report: Economic Report
       on Africa 2011: Governing development in Africa – the role of the state in economic
. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, December 17, 2010. 

Visiting Professor Visiting Professor.  University of Ghana – Legon.  Department of Political Science. 
       Fall 2001. Also supervised 9 Missouri college students for Missouri Abroad Program.

Peace Corps Volunteer, 1983-1986
          -Regional Representative for Haut-Zaire, Peace Corps, Zaire (Now Orientale, DRC).  August 1985
           to August 1986.  26 volunteers, six employees, advanced agent for placing volunteers, liaison officer
           in field.
          -High School English Teacher. Grades 9-12. (1983-85).  Obtained USAID development grant to
            electrify the hospital in Wamba, Haut-Zaïre, Zaïre for my secondary project.  Summer 1985.  
             I did planning, obtained grant, bought materials, and ran nearly all the wiring.  Another volunteer
             fixed the generator and helped with some wiring.


Awarded Walker and Doris Allen Fellowship for Faculty Excellence. Spring 2010.
Received sabbatical, Truman State University.  AY 200
Nominated for the Walker and Doris Allen Fellowship for Faculty Excellence.  2009, 2006,
     2005, and 2003.
Promoted to Full Professor. Fall 2009.
Nominated for Outstanding Research Mentor Award. Truman State University.
      Spring 2008.
Nominated for Educator of the Year, Truman State University. Spring 2007, 2006.
Nominated, Faculty of the Year Award. National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS).
     Spring 2006.
Awarded Tenure, Truman State University, April 2002.
Promoted to Associate Professor, Truman State University, June 2001.
Recipient of Summer 1997 Faculty Research Grant. Truman State University.
UCLA Political Science Department Co-nominee for American Political Science Association
       Dissertation of the Year Award: Comparative Politics.  Academic year 1994/95.
UCLA Political Science Department Nominee for Luckman Distinguished TA Award.
      Academic year 1993/94.
Graham Fellowship, UCLA. 1992/93 and 1993/94.
Teaching Associate / Assistant Fellowship, 1990/91, 1991/92 and 1992/93. UCLA.
Title VI Language Scholarship Recipient, 1988/89 and 1989/90.  Intermediate and
      Advanced Swahili. UCLA.



Instructor's Credential: Basic Education.  California Community Colleges.   July 1987.
Teaching Credential: State of California.  Social Studies/English. K-12 and Adult Classes. 
     January 1987.
Professional Certificate: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Social Studies /English. Grades
     7-12.  May 1983.
Peer Counseling Certificate: Peace Corps Regional Representative Training.  August 1985.
Land Rover Maintenance Certificate: Peace Corps Regional Representative Training.
      August 1985.



French: read, write, and speak fluently.
Swahili: read, write, and speak quite competently
Spanish: basic skills in reading and speaking.
Lingala: basic skills in speaking.


American Political Science Association, 1991 to present.
African Studies Association, 1991 to present.
Association of American University Professors, 1997 to present.
Pi Sigma Alpha, 1997 to present.

Available upon request.