American Data: General

American Data: General                                                                                                                         

American National Election Studies

American National Election Studies produces data on voting, public opinion, and political participation that serves the research needs of social scientists, students, policy makers and journalists concerned with the empirical aspects of research.

Congressional Digest

An independent, non-congressional affiliated and non partisan scholarly research journal focused on exploring controversial and important issues relating to the current climate of Congress.

EPA EnviroMapper

An interactive map portal where you can enter a location and find relevant data and maps for any factors relating to air or water quality, and land hazards as well.

EPA Envirofact

An EPA run database with multiple datasets surrounding air, land, water, waste, and toxins in locations of the US.

National Center for State Courts

A think tank with data and information regarding US court systems all across the country, as well as many judicial reform articles.


Journalist Ron Gunzberger’s grab bag of news, candidate biographies, and web links.

Population Profile of the US

US Census data containing many data sets ranging from parameters as simple as age and sex to more complex parameters like language use, migration patterns, as well as population trends and projections.

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Abstracts that were published by the Census Bureau every year up until 2011 which contained summaries of social, political, and economic statistics that pertained to the United States as a whole.

Library of Congress; Congressional Documents

A searchable database run by the Library of Congress that includes all current and past legislation, as well as former congressional records by Congress.

US Census Bureau

Access to data from the Census Bureau.

US Census Fact Finder

A tool to help navigate the Census Bureau’s data.

US Census International Database

The International Data Base (IDB) is a computerized data bank containing statistical tables of demographic, and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas of the world.

United States Trade Representative

Office of the US Trade Representative with a wide variety of information of trade agreements by regions like Africa or Asia, and issues such as agriculture and textiles.

US Welfare Case Load Statistics

Office of Family Assistance data sets on welfare statistics in the United States.