Regional Data: Africa

Regional Data: Africa and African Politics

African Data Dissemination Service

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET) is an information system designed to identify problems in the food supply system that potentially lead to famine, flood, or other food-insecure conditions, in sub-Saharan Africa.

African Population Database

Links to geographic and political statistics and analysis of the African continent.


Measures social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa.  Survey studies of many African countries.  Based at Michigan State University.


Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa.


Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa; trade and economic information and data for Eastern and Southern Africa

Amnesty International Africa Regional Overview

Everything you need to know about human rights in Africa.

World Bank

Targets for the early 21st century • GDF Online subscribe to the latest external debt data •  World Development Indicators 2001 • Development Goals 2001 • Global Development
Finance 2001 • Latest stat

World Economic Outlook

Presents IMF staff’s analysis and projections of economic developments at the global level, in major country groups (classified by region, stage of development, etc.), and in many individual countries.